China’s Love Of Snooker

With more and more snooker events moving towards the far east, we take a look at what China’s love of snooker is all about.

Generally us westerners under evaluate just how big snooker is in china. All in all, it is estimated that 50 million Chinese people play snooker in china. That’s almost the entire population of the UK. Last year, a staggering 400 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the world championship final, and that’s without an Asian player in it!! So how did this begin?

Well billiards and pool have long been a popular recreational past time for Chinese people, however the explosive obsession with snooker started when a young 16 year old boy by the name of Ding Junhiu burst onto our television screens. He quickly became a national hero in china because he was young, fresh, talented and was winning tournaments. He was by all accounts, the next Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis.

With 100 million viewers watching him in some matches, the sense of the “world on my shoulders” would be an accurate statement to make. This resulted in bigtime pressure and perhaps contributed to some missed opportunities early in his career due to the levels of expectation we had for him so early on.

132189070_11nSo how did we get from then to now? Well, the Chinese people were inspired by Ding and his story and so the love affair began. Millions of Chinese kids started to watch and play snooker, trying to be like their hero Ding. Slowly over time, more and more young Chinese players have emerged through the rankings such as Liang Wenbo and Xiao Guodong to name a couple. Further down the ranking there are far more Chinese snooker players making large strides in the snooker rankings. Young Chinese players are moving to the UK to practice with the established professional snooker players in academies around the UK. Its hardly surprising to calculate that if 50 million people are playing snooker in china, then it wont be long until china is dominating the game of snooker.

Lets not forget though, china still has some work to do to reach the UK’s level of success with snooker. For example, China has not had a player win the world championships yet, or a player in the final for that matter. But for how long? Not long by our estimation, given the current rate of Chinese players coming through.

15673027089_5fc1eeb030_oWith more tournaments in china than ever before, the western players are now used to the long flights, heat and culture difference. When players arrive to China to play a tournament, they are literally treated like A list celebrities. That’s because in China, these guys are celebrities, icons and hero’s to the Chinese. Players enjoy 5 star treatment with red carpets entries, champagne receptions, opening and closing ceremonies that rival the Oscars and thousands of screaming fans.

Often there is a misconception when we watch snooker in china from here on the western side of the world. The Chinese crowds seem quiet, unlike the scenes we’d see in the ally pally, the barbican or the final of the world championship. This is because the Chinese people are reserved and sensitive to the fact that snooker players need to maintain concentration and they don’t overdo their enthusiasm during play.

In conclusion, its very clear that globally, the game of snooker has grown substantially from 2002 onwards particularly in china. It may have seen a decline in the UK and Ireland in recent years, but worldwide the game is on the rise. More events, means more exposure and this is not just true for china, but for Europe also, which can only be a good thing for the game we love. Snooker is here to stay.


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Hi im Rob, the owner and editor for along with some other popular websites. Snooker has been a passion of mine for many years, so being able to create a website that people enjoy is a pleasure.

Robert McGee

Hi im Rob, the owner and editor for along with some other popular websites. Snooker has been a passion of mine for many years, so being able to create a website that people enjoy is a pleasure.

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