The Snooker Mavericks

The snooker mavericks will be showing tonight, 31/3/16. Mavericks is a series of documentaries that showcases some of the greatest and popular sports in Britain and is a follow on from last years football mavericks. The snooker mavericks is the first episode of this documentary series followed by boxing and darts.

Snooker mavericks will be talked about such as Alex Higgins, Jimmy White, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Barry Hearn the great 80’s promotor and director of world snooker will be documenting about snooker over the past couple of decades.

Snooker mavericks tells the story of how snooker nearly vanished into a past time until a young Northern Ireland kid by the name of Alex Higgins came along a reinvented the game. He was the first snooker maverick and first peoples champion while he made the game cool and very rock n roll.

It then tells the story of the 80’s with Barry Hearn, the great promotor, the emergence of couple of other snooker mavericks, Jimmy White, the new peoples champion and todays peoples champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan

I have no doubt, Snooker mavericks will be a great watch and I highly recommend it to those wishing to look back on the humble beginnings of snooker.

Starts at 10pm tonight on ITV4