Practice Routines

Most players wishing to improve their game should spend some quality and focus based time at the table on their own. The amount of time practicing alone is solely depandant on the individual, however 2 hours a week to start can bring significant improvements to ones game. If this sounds daunting, you can always find someone to practice these routines with which brings the added value of your teammate having the ability to point out your faults.

The first thing id like to say before beginning is, try to come to the table with a structured learning plan. This will give the individual a goal for the practice session and thus a positive learning outcome. Dont just bang balls randomly……

The parts of the game where we can focus our practice routines are, stance and bridge, lining up shots, cue action, potting, position and safety.
Each so called “expert” has their own take on how the game “should” be played, but for these tutorials i will give a general overview and the best practice routines which will guarantee improvements in youre game if your willing to put in the time and effort.

Finally, before we begin, im making the presumption that most people reading this have picked a cue up before and have the very basic skills…..i.e hold the cue, aim the cue at the white ball and hold some sort of stance