Warm Up

Warming up is a vital part of any sport in my opinion, snooker not being exempt so we should try this routine to warm up.
This is the first part of your snooker practice routines. Regardless of what your practicing on the day, id like you to spend just a few minutes at the start of your practice routine or match doing these exercises…..

I may sound like a fitness instructor here but i believe its important to incorporate a few simple stretches into our routine for a few seconds. Firstly stretch your arms by reaching as high as you can in the sky. Then stretch your arms out horizontally as wide as you can and as far behind you as you can reach. This will loosen you up slightly and release some tension in the arms.

Ok we can approach the table now to begin our practice. Place the blue ball on the blue spot. Now take the white and place it on the baulk line so the blue is a dead straight shot to the black corner pocket. Line up the shot as you normally would and take the shot. Do this ten times and write down the amount of times you managed to pot the blue.

Our second warm up routine sounds easy but is very very difficult.
Take the blue ball and place it on its spot. Now place the white ball on the brown spot. Id like you to line up the blue so your hitting it dead straight so the blue will pass over the pink and black spot, bounce off the cushion and double kiss the white ball.
If you do manage a double kiss, it means your hitting the ball very straight. Don’t be discouraged if your nowhere near a double kiss……this exercise is designed to improve the straightness of your cue action. Practice this for 5 minutes and count the amount of double kisses you can get. Most professionals who practice this are delighted if they can achieve 3 double kisses in a row.

Below is a video of Shaun Murphy demonstrating this routine


The final part of the warm up routine is to place the blue on its spot, white on the baulk line as to make a straight shot to the corner pocket just like the first exercise. Try pot the blue ten times and take a note of how many times you managed to pot the blue.
You Should find that your potting more straight blues and the ones your missing are much closer to the corner pocket.